What’s At Your Feet?

Hello girlies! Happy 2018.

I’ve been wanting to write this post since long, but somehow it kept delaying. I had some technical issues with my blog and now that it’s sorted, we are almost at the end of January. Today I realised that days are not just flying but existence is heading somewhere at a super speed phase. Recently, I happened to stumble upon a YouTube video on life lessons, and one of the life-lesson that’s resonating deep with me is ‘Resolve all conflicts before you go’! This simple line has so much meaning, I felt.

I am someone who doesn’t hold resolutions, so I don’t make any. But I want 2018 to be a year of self-learning, realisations, quality over quantity and mainly importance to body & soul.

Here are few changes I made for myself; it’s helping me tremendously. Hope this helps someone too 🙂

  • I keep procrastinating, so to overcome this habit I’ve started maintaining a daily journal. So, before I start my day, I write down my To-Do list and ensure all points are checked off before I finish my day. Trust me, this habit of writing down has helped me a lot.
  • I neglected my hair, skin, and nails. I drank very less water. So I am making a point to indulge in oil message twice a week, apply home made fruit packs for my face, drink minimum 3 liters of water and eat 3 fruits & 3 vegetables each day. It’s been a month and I am seeing the difference in how my skin feels. I also write each of these in my to-do list each day, so that I don’t miss it.
  • I am spending very less time on Instagram, yes you read it right.. hehe. Earlier, I spent hours on Instagram, slept late and always ended waking up with a hangover. Now I make it a point to keep my phone away after 9:30pm and head to bed by 10:30pm. 8 hours of sleep makes me feel fresh and I wake up active. Now I realise the value of good 8-hour sleep.

I slowly want to implement more changes in my lifestyle. And trust me, these small changes are helping me. I resonate; you all should implement positive lifestyle changes you’ve been delaying to implement, these small changes makes us happy & complete.


I usually talk only about fashion, and for the first time I felt like writing what I am feeling currently! Let me know if you want me to stick to fashion or talk real..hehe! Hope you liked this post as much as I loved creating it!


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Lots of love.. XOXO


Tee – Zara || Leggings – Zara || Bag – Dior || Heels – Zara || Accessories – Accessorize || Watch – Michael Kors || Sunglasses – Emporium Armani


Photographed by Susheel Sanketh Rai





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