Out in the streets Ft. Globus Fashion

Hi folks! I am back with another post. I just realised that we are almost at the end of February, can’t believe!! Days are flying at headlong pace. By now, most of you know my love for street style. I would any day prefer two piece outfits rather than single piece! Jeans and blouses give […]

Irresistible Blouses Ft. SheIn

Happy Monday!! Hope you’ll had an impressive weekend. Mine was lazy! Watched three back to back movies, ate yummy food and also went on a sugar high. I am trying very hard to give up on desserts but sometimes I get carried away and eat one month’s share in a day…lol I received these two […]


Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Hello fellas! Hope ya’ll are doing well. I love chunky sweaters but sweatshirts were my first love. Sweatshirts occupied a major space of my cupboard during my college days. My favourites were from Adidas.   I can pair anything & everything with my sweaters and sweatshirts, from my denims to skirts to jogger pants. How […]

Fine Line by Tanishq

Love for jewellery is probably something that runs down in most of our genes. Be it our grandma’s classic, antique necklace or our aunt’s modish neckpiece, we love them all. I personally love and collect different types of jewellery. I recently had a family wedding and I didn’t shy away from wearing my big chunky […]


How to do your street style Ft. SheIn

Happy New Year my fellas! I’ve been good, excited about 2017. Looking forward to see what 2017 holds for me. I have a big heart for jeans. I prefer jeans & tee over dresses & ruffles. If you’d happen to spot me somewhere in the streets on Bangalore, this is how you would be seeing […]


Pocket Dress Ft. eShakti

Hey girls!! How ya’ll been I’ve been good. Making plans for 2017. I wish to want to embrace New Year with positive thoughts, healthier & active lifestyle, eat clean and certainly to be a lot more fashionable. What are your plans? J In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to eShakti. eShakti has […]

Youthfulness with pomegranate Ft. Banjara’s

Recently I read about Banjara’s skin products and there was so much said about it. What interested me are their key ingredients. I thought I should review Banjara’s Skin Positive Beauty Cream for you guys. I used Banjara’s Skin Positive Beauty Cream for three weeks and I could see noticeable changes in my skin. My […]