Natures Gift Ft. Banjara’s


One of Gods marvelous creations is nature and one is Gods complicated creation is Human Being!

What saddens me is to see the way nature is taken for granted. Deforestation, misuse of fresh water, use of plastic, slaughtering animals for ones need & greed are few issues that strikes me first and this hurts me. Exploitation of nature in Beauty & Fashion industry is no less.

In today’s competitive world, brands that understand the importance of nature and follow the ethics are few to find. One such is our Indian brand, Banjara’s. The brand believes that natures beauty is everlasting and if you take care of the nature, nature will take care of you! Banjara’s products are filled with natural ingredients. Banjara’s believes in beauty without harmful effects. Their love for nature is reflected in the purity, quality and efficiency of the products. They do not use any animal ingredients in any of their products. Also Banjara’s takes pride in saying that their brand is listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies as the products are not tested on animals

For free samples from Banjara’s check HERE. Few products that are worth trying are Brazilian Black (Hair Dye), Face Wash (Multani + Orange), Face Pack (Multani + Papaya) & Hair Oil (Samvridhi).


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2 thoughts on “Natures Gift Ft. Banjara’s

  1. Hi Nischita,

    First of all, heartiest congratulations for such a nice blog. I recently got a chance to look at this, & believe me I have turned a complete fan of your work & style. Also would like to give a credit to the person who shoots such nice pics. Lovely ideas, awesome way of carrying ordinary stuff like scarfs and making them look so wonderful…keep rocking !!

    I was going through this Banjara post of yours & searched for these products on Amazon. I got a little confused about its Papaya facial kit. On one link this product is costing Rs. 3698 while on another its for Rs. 200. I am sharing both the links below:

    Both of them contains 4 tubes of 15gm each.

    Not sure if this is something related to duplicate product or its just Amazon’s fault. Anyways, I am trying for a free sample too, but the page is showing 404- Not Found.

    Well, looking forward to your new posts…till then keep up the amazing work.. All the best..


    1. Hey Richa! Thank you for such a sweet message. Means a lot to me. Thanks much!!

      I saw both the links. Banjaras is not expensive, so it’s definitely not 3k for those small tubes. The Rs.200 one is the correct one. Flipkart also has. And about the samples that you are not able to order, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll write to their customer support. Thank you for raising this.

      Have a nice week ahead !

      Love, Nischita

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