Lets Talk Summer

Hello folks! Ugadi wishes. Hope ya’ll had good festivities.

I’ve been a bit laid back since last two weeks hence I’ve been away from my blog. And now that I am back, I should be posting regularly 🙂

Heat in Bangalore is scorching up day by day. I am all ready for summer. In today’s post, I ‘ve styled these two beautiful dresses from SheIn. They are so good for summers; all vibrant, nice and comfortable. Because of this heat, I don’t feel like wearing denim next few weeks. Good dresses is what I can associate with, currently. These dresses are of good fit and quality, definitely a good buy. If you are keen you can shop them HERE and HERE.

Shein festival outfit giveaway is on, do participate, there are lots of prizes. More info, please check this LINK.

I love the sunglasses that I am wearing. I want you to introduce to this website I came across – Wisemalt. Wisemalt is an Indian website for niche products; it has many cutest things one can find. I love their clutches, backpacks, accessories and sunglasses. You can find the sunglasses that I am wearing HERE.

Have a great week ahead!! XOXO


Photographed by Saikat Das, KSlenscapes









9 thoughts on “Lets Talk Summer

  1. Summer in Bangalore has just shocked us. I couldn’t believe Bangalore could look like this. Therefore all the flowy dresses are in. Love the flowy dress that you are wearing! 🙂

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