Instagrammable places in London

London is a very pretty city. It’s also a photographer’s heaven! If you have an eye for photography, London’s each corner is picture perfect. Probably you will come back with millions of photographs, like I did.. lol. Since very few pictures made way to my Instagram feed, I thought I’d write & post some on my blog.

Here is a list of places that I feel an instagrammer can visit while in London. Please note, most of these places are crowded with tourists. You need to be prepared to be patient to get that perfect shot.

1) Big Ben: The iconic Big Ben is spectacular and photogenic. Though its very touristy, I had to pay my visit, since Instagram matters. You will see red buses passing every few seconds, you will have to wait for your turn to get that shot you wanted with a red bus and of course without people in it.


2) Tower Bridge: Walk around tower bridge, you’ll find many picture perfect places. Tower Bridge can be photographed from many different angles, so explore.


3) London Eye: London Eye is very photogenic. I did not go in it, but made sure I clicked pictures. lol. Again London Eye can be photographed from many different angles, so explore which you like better.


4) Borough Market: If you like colours and food photography, this is the place to visit.


5) Buckingham Palace: Very touristy, but you can get some good pictures of the guards and the palace.


6) Molly’s Bakes: If you love milkshakes and more importantly love these yummy photogenic shakes to be on your Instagram feed, then you know where to go.


7) Neal’s Yard: This place is full of life and colour. Atmosphere is lively, one of the prettiest and brightest courtyard I’ve seen. You will find cafes and shops that are so good and colourful.


8) Iconic Red Telephone Booths: Inside or outside, don’t forget to click with these telephone booths.





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