Hand Woven With Love Ft. Nool By Hand

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I loved creating todays post, it gave me satisfaction. I always love to work with brands with similar approach. Brands which aim at giving back to the society, brands that take care of the weavers, higher quality are few criterions that I sometimes connect very soon with few brands.  

These beautiful pieces that Im dressed are from Nool By Hand, an apparel label from Erode, Chennai. Nool (Tamil for ‘thread) grew out of passion, love and to thrive handloom weaving – a craft on a verge of extinction.

I have no words to explain my love for handloom. I buy fabrics, frame them in desired sizes and hang them on my walls! Id rather say, I am obsessed with handloom. The feel and comfort of these fabrics are way better.

Nool, did not disappoint me; I was more than happy when I got my parcel. Their high quality, great stitching, comfort, hand woven clothes took a special corner. I loved their fit and fabric. They are extremely comfortable. The cotton trousers that Im wearing is one such trouser that every girl should have! The happiness and satisfaction of hand-woven cotton clothing is incomparable. Fancy fabrics may come and go, but nothing gives satisfaction than our good old hand woven cotton clothes.

Currently Nool is working on a new collection – KATTAM. KATTAM, which means checks in Tamil. It is to depict the liberation of the modern day women – not struck in the shackles of her checks – it may be her boxed kitchen or her checked square work cabin or the kind of checks she has in her head, perception, instinct or imagination. Rather She is born to liberate herself and the humans around her.

“i am relieved.
i see the feminine presence
in a man’s eyes.
it means
he is a peace
i do not
bring to him.”
— ease

Salt. By Nayyirah Waheed 


If you believe in/looking for clothes hand-woven, be sure to check Nool By Hand. (Shop HERE)

My Out Fit Details: Dress, Cotton Trousers, Top – Nool By Hand, Kattam collection (Shop HERE)


These pictures are entirely me, in my pensive mood collecting thoughts and happiness. Besides, someone who isnt hesitant to take challenges.  

Photographed by Balu





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