Youthfulness with pomegranate Ft. Banjara’s

Recently I read about Banjara’s skin products and there was so much said about it. What interested me are their key ingredients. I thought I should review Banjara’s Skin Positive Beauty Cream for you guys. I used Banjara’s Skin Positive Beauty Cream for three weeks and I could see noticeable changes in my skin. My […]

When Salon comes home…

Gone are those days when we used to sit and make an agenda to visit the local parlor, salon or spa to get our beauty treatments. Portable salons that exist on our virtual platform can now easily be accessed, at the click of a button. These services have come like a boon to us, whether […]


Blend it, Organically!

There was a time during our mothers’ and grandmothers’ lives when availability of cosmetics was a rare thing, to find and to afford. I am sure at least half of us can relate to this. So, what were they doing afterall? How were they maintaining their skin? I believe they used to come up ‘home […]