Best City to visit in England

England is so damn beautiful. Its countryside is mesmerizing, picturesque and full of heritage. If you are a person who loves quaint destinations, then read on.

We stayed in London for 4 days, so after London we wanted to explore one of England’s cities before heading to Scotland. We wanted to head somewhere that was quaint, less populated, had good countryside, plus some place that housed best cafes and microbreweries.

So, while I was exploring Birmingham topped my list. We stayed in Birmingham for 3 days. The quite streets, less tourists, amazing nightlife, those old microbreweries, amazing beers, vintage shops and dinner by the canal, struck my heart! We were glad that we choose to see Birmingham. Birmingham’s countryside is amazing! Just hire a self-drive car, keep your Google maps on and hit the countryside. Those lush green farms with sheep’s mazing, roadside cafes, authentic food and those countryside houses will stay in your memories forever!!

One of the days, we decided to do a day trip. So, we drove to Stamford. Can’t tell you how beautiful this town is! Such rich heritage. It’s the finest stone town in England. Stamford was declared a conservation area in 1967. I’ve done a separate post on Stamford, Read HERE.

If you are person who likes visiting quite cities that’s less touristy and has good nightlife, I definitely hint Birmingham, after all, Birmingham is named among top 10 cities to visit in the world.


Love ! Love ! Love


Birmingham, You have wooed me!
Birmingham, You have wooed me!


Can sit here the whole evening 🙂


Dinner by the Birmingham Canal
Dinner by the Birmingham Canal


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