Being Comfortable In Your Skin Ft. Whisper

Being comfortable in your skin is a topic thats talked by many, debated by many and agreed upon several times.

Though we know being comfortable in our skin and accepting our flaws is vital for our happiness and success, sometimes somewhere we tend to lose our focus. But, its common! I am sure, it happens to all of us. What’s more important is realizing, putting together our broken thoughts and moving towards our goal. Happy March to yall.

Recently I was introduced to newly launched Whisper Ultra Soft. I got to try it and was extremely pleased with the added comfort and it indeed felt softer on my skin! My day is usually packed, I run my house, I have a part time job plus I keep aside few hours for blogging every day. With these, it’s really important to keep myself comfortable in those 5 days. And I felt that the new Whisper Ultra Soft made justice. The new Whisper Ultra Soft has longer length and wider back making it just right. Whisper believes that women should feel comfortable at all times, Whisper Ultra Soft claims to be 2x times softer and Whisper delivers this. Their new product was so gentle on my skin that it truly made me feel comfortable.

I feel it’s very important to make opt for the best sanitary pad available in the market; it not only keeps you hygiene but also keeps you away from discomfort which in turn boosts your mental health.

It’s priced at Rs.64 for 7 pads, available at all leading stores.






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