A picnic in the wild cedar forest, Shimla

Hope you’ve read my previous post on my Himalayan Vacation experience at Wildflower Hall, Oberoi. It’s a beautiful property facing The Himalayas, definitely an experience. I have posted several pictures and a brief on how to get there. If you haven’t seen my Himalayan Vacation pictures yet, click HERE.

So, one of the days of our stay at Wildflower Hall Oberoi, Shimla we opted to go for a specially curated picnic in the wild cedar forest. Wildflower Hall Oberoi offers a range of specially curated Oberoi experiences for their guests. Some of them which we got to experience is archery, morning walk in the wild strawberry trails, private dinner and this picnic in the wild cedar forest.

It was one of our best experience at Wildflower Hall. Nothing more blissful than having a private picnic area amidst the beautiful cedar trees. It’s beyond words to be surrounded by The Himalayas, wild cedar trees, birds chirping, getting to see the woodpeckers, playing a game of chess, some alone time on the hammock and not to forget the short nap in the tent..hehe

I love my slow-paced life while travelling. I enjoy and cherish these tiny moments. Let me know when you go to Wildflower Hall Oberoi next, tag me on your pictures, I would love to see them 🙂


Hope you liked this post as much as I loved curating it!

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Lots of love.. XOXO

Wildflower Hall Shimla



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