4 Days at Wildflower Hall Oberoi, Shimla


Two weeks back, this time around we were at Wildflower Hall Oberoi, Shimla. I can’t begin to tell how beautiful this property is! This one was on my wish-list since 4 years. We’ve stayed at many Oberoi properties but this one is to remember. We booked a mountain facing room and I think that was our best decision! We woke up to the best view, each day! Waking up to the beauty of The Himalayas was pure bliss.

Wildflower Hall is a gorgeous property. If you are a fan of The Himalayas, age-old Colonial architecture and chandeliers, pine trees, cedar forests, wild strawberry trail,  like me, then you will definitely love this place. Wildflower Hall is located amidst the cedar forest of Mashobra, Shimla. We flew from Bangalore, so the best way to get there is fly to Chandigarh and travel by road to Shimla. Or via Delhi to Shimla. Shimla has an airport with very limited flights, taking flights to Shimla is usually not recommended.

Roads from Chandigarh to Shimla are bad (112.8 Kms), currently under road extension, will take extra hours but you’ll get to enjoy the scenic drive. It took us 4 hrs from Chandigarh. It was a long, tiring drive, but we felt totally worth it once we reached the Wildflower Hall, Shimla.



So, our mornings started with a walk through the wild strawberry trail. Starting our day walking through The Himalayas, breathing fresh air, that morning sun, the cold air, 6°C, was definitely to cherish. Sadly, it wasn’t the strawberry season, so we didn’t get to eat wild berries..



Wildflower Hall Oberoi is situated at 8,250 feet above sea level facing The Himalayas. So, you are surrounded by the best of nature. The property is located at one of the best locations of the world.


One of the day, we did some touristy things around Shimla. But the rest of the days we preferred to stay in the property. I am a relaxed traveller, I prefer to take it slow while travelling. Also, the property is huge and they have several activities to keep you active. I’ll cover them in my next post..

Our evenings were mostly by the pool side. Wildflower Hall Oberoi has a huge indoor temperature controlled pool. The best part is their jacuzzi facing The Himalayas. The chilly weather and hot jacuzzi was a great time. While I clicked this picture it was 4°C outside and jacuzzi at 39°C, it was an amazing experience..


I am definitely going back to Wildflower Hall Oberoi, but next time when it’s snowing 🙂

Hope you liked this post as much as I loved creating it!


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