Indian Wear Ft. Sareez

I am a saree lover and have always been one. Sarees makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of my school days when I used to love to drape sarees. Days getting screamed for messing mom’s cupboard, using bath towel to drape as saree, I am sure all of us have these childhood memories. Don’t we […]

Ft. SheIn

It’s August and I didn’t expect to be in August this fast. Past few weeks have been crazy that I’m exhausted, uninspired, not attending blogger events, Bangalore fashion week and currently all that I can think of is a vacation. Hope #vacation is calling me soon 🙂   Today’s post is collaboration with SheIn. SheIn is an international […]

Jean Queen

Hey denim lovers! This is a post for you; it’s dedicated to everything that is denim 🙂 For some reason, anytime you think that there is no new ways to wear denim, you are so wrong! For some denim therapy just check Bhane and you will find something that is fresh and edgy. They are […]