Indian Wear Ft. Sareez

I am a saree lover and have always been one. Sarees makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of my school days when I used to love to drape sarees. Days getting screamed for messing mom’s cupboard, using bath towel to drape as saree, I am sure all of us have these childhood memories. Don’t we […]


Ft. SheIn

It’s August and I didn’t expect to be in August this fast. Past few weeks have been crazy that I’m exhausted, uninspired, not attending blogger events, Bangalore fashion week and currently all that I can think of is a vacation. Hope #vacation is calling me soon    Today’s post is collaboration with SheIn. SheIn is an international […]

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Jean Queen

Hey denim lovers! This is a post for you; it’s dedicated to everything that is denim For some reason, anytime you think that there is no new ways to wear denim, you are so wrong! For some denim therapy just check Bhane and you will find something that is fresh and edgy. They are go-to […]

Party on your mind !!

Parties and Bengaluru are kind of synonymous!! Isn’t it ? And who is your best friend while partying? This post is all about dressing up, partying, sparkle, shine and shimmer because this month my blog completes one year!! .. *Happy dance* Sequin is the first thing that hits me when I think about getting ready […]



Rihanna, as we all know, is charm personified. It is extremely incredible to be someone like her… good looking, fierce, and a wonderful woman. A woman who strongly believes in freedom, empowerment, hope, love… not just to have it for herself, but sincerely wishes the same for every woman in the world. She is fearless […]

Country vibe, City side

When we envision the countryside lifestyle, there are elements of image that always occur to us… boundless nature and some beautiful colours. With the change in our weather and the onset of monsoon, I couldn’t help myself but explore our vibrant countryside. The fall of colours over the lush green surroundings is pure bliss. Makes you […]

When Salon comes home…

Gone are those days when we used to sit and make an agenda to visit the local parlor, salon or spa to get our beauty treatments. Portable salons that exist on our virtual platform can now easily be accessed, at the click of a button. These services have come like a boon to us, whether […]


Styling and Healing

Sometimes we come across great ideas and love it. We love it for it’s uniqueness, the thoughts behind it and for all the efforts put in. Especially in the art of making jewellery. Jewellery is something very close to a woman’s heart. May not necessarily be gold or diamonds. For a modern woman, styling with […]


An Afternoon with Kiehl’s

It is always a pleasure to be around like-minded people. Nothing to beat the informative discussions, exchange of ideas and pleasure of meeting people over skin care advice! So, it was an absolute honour for me when KIEHL’S chose me to host an afternoon dedicated to talking skincare with close friends and fellow bloggers. Kiehl’s doesn’t […]