Styling and Healing

Sometimes we come across great ideas and love it. We love it for it’s uniqueness, the thoughts behind it and for all the efforts put in. Especially in the art of making jewellery. Jewellery is something very close to a woman’s heart. May not necessarily be gold or diamonds. For a modern woman, styling with […]


An Afternoon with Kiehl’s

It is always a pleasure to be around like-minded people. Nothing to beat the informative discussions, exchange of ideas and pleasure of meeting people over skin care advice! So, it was an absolute honour for me when KIEHL’S chose me to host an afternoon dedicated to talking skincare with close friends and fellow bloggers. Kiehl’s doesn’t […]


Blend it, Organically!

There was a time during our mothers’ and grandmothers’ lives when availability of cosmetics was a rare thing, to find and to afford. I am sure at least half of us can relate to this. So, what were they doing afterall? How were they maintaining their skin? I believe they used to come up ‘home […]

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Forever 21

Ever wondered why Forever 21 is called Forever 21? I did too, until I stepped into one of their stores, and found out. Once I did, I kept going back there  Apparently, it’s so called because that’s what they want every single girl to believe… that she is 21, and forever. Found that really sweet. […]


How to style your statement necklace

We all know India is the centre of global jewellery. You name it, we make it… antiques, heritage, traditional, modern, contemporary. Indian jewellery is considered as a unique blend of tradition and fashion. Every make carries a story, speaking of the rich history of our country, and the change we have been through over centuries. […]


Brand Feature: The Souled Store

It’s a known fact; we have different moods when it comes to dressing. There are days when you want to dress up and also days when you want to be a plain Jane. A day when you want to go quirky; also days when you want to mix match your style. I go through these […]


Lavie World

I would like to share a few things with you all here… I love to travel. I enjoy observing different cultures, their styles and what they have to offer to the world of rising fashion trend. And there is so much to see, to learn! Right from their clothes to accessories to styling. The fashion […]

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Coupons for Online shopping…

Spring Season is the most pleasant season in India. The morning is pleasant. The noon is soothing. The evening is cool and calm. The night is comfortable. Birds are singing. The sky is clear, the wind is refreshing. Every object of the Nature looks very beautiful. Flowers bloom. New leaves come out of trees. Except […]


Skirt meets Shirt

A pair of shorts best friend is a skirt. It is also the next comfortable thing to wear in summers, after shorts. Skirts are my  favourite. When you like something so much, you need to research on it right Skirts have been worn by women from time unknown. It dates back to 3900 BC when […]



Denims have been extremely popular for centuries now, since the time it was first brought into culture somewhere around the 18th century. From being the rage of pop culture to being portrayed in Western cowboy movies to becoming the mania among teenage population… it was an evolution, over decades. It has now become a symbol […]